Celebrate being a DAD!

Our mission is to eliminate abortions. Too many programs focus on the mothers, without helping the new fathers understand how crucial their involvement is.

We want to start a Dad Crusade to promote a new Dad’s decision to stand by the woman and have the baby they conceived together. We can stop the abortion industry “IF” we as Christians take a Stand and let our Lord Jesus Christ lead the way

The Real Abortion Dilemma

The majority of women (regardless of their religious affiliation) base their decision to terminate a pregnancy on the influence of the father of the unborn child. While the child awaits the verdict, the father offers two common persuasions to terminate life: Financial and personal inconvenience. WHERE ARE THE MEN?

Safe Haven

The Safe Haven Law saves men, women, their baby, relatives and friends from the devastating effects of abortion. All 50 States have this law which allows a Mom who feels she cannot handle a baby for any reason (financial, relationship, medical, age, whatever) to drop her baby up to 60 days after birth, at a Hospital, or Fire station and feel confident that a wonderful home will be provided for their child with no questions asked. If the Father chooses to adopt the child there are accommodations for that to happen also. You can have your baby and give it the abundant life God wants him or her to have. There are over a million couples waiting to adopt.

Help With this life-saving crusade