Brad Cornell’s San Antonio “You Are A Dad” radio show airs every Sunday at 3:00pm on AM 630 The Word! The radio show features real talk with men and women that have been affected deeply by abortion. If you are in San Antonio or the surrounding area, tune your radio to AM 630, or you can listen live on the AM 630 The Word website by clicking here.

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Brad Cornell’s Houston “You Are A Dad” radio show focuses on Down Syndrome and Special Needs children and airs every Sunday at 4:00pm on FM 100.7 The Word in Houston.  If you are in Houston or the surrounding area, tune your radio to FM 100.7, or you can listen live on the FM 100.7 The Word website by clicking here.

Click here to go to “You Are A Dad” Podcasts of past Houston shows

We are also looking to expand the You are a Dad radio show to many other markets like.   Your donations and prayers are what keep us on the air!

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About Brad Cornell

For over 40 years I kept quiet about an abortion in my life. I never attempted to stop or offer any help to my baby’s mother in making this life-altering decision to abort our baby. Over the years there have been many times that I could not figure out why I was acting and doing the things I was, such as alcohol problems, anger, depression and insecurity to name a few.

About a year ago the Lord Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit made it clear to me, that it was time to come clean and use my experience to help others and as a Christian I needed to share and help other men realize that they are a Dad at conception and the goal is to support their lady and have their baby no matter what they have to do to get through it.

God opened the door for this radio program to spread the word and let men realize through my experience and my guests that God can get them through what looks to be impossible. God wants us to live life and live it abundantly, and it is never ever ok to kill what HE has made in HIS image, Genesis 1:27. The only other option is adoption; God can help them through it all. Men are ordained by God to be leaders, and they must ask their Pastor, Priest, Bishop, Reverend and alike to preach on abortion and what God says about it. Let’s stand together for Life…God Bless you.